11 thoughts on “MTV Cribs– Van Edition

  1. Kevin says:

    Very entertaining and creative. You could be a television host on a lame travel show. This highlights how lucky you are to have a handyman/inventor with wicked skills.


  2. Oh man that was the best….seriously laughing so hard because I loved how you gave us that tour, already watched it twice, you’re so cute and so funny…I LOVE you…can’t wait to see you next week!!! 💗


  3. Watched it with my mom and we were laughing just so hard. “This looks cool but doesn’t work at all” lol. Im amazed at the minimalness of your life! Next week pimp my ride


  4. Kimi Fisher says:

    Okay…I die. Seriously miss you and LOVED watching this video. There were so many times I caught myself laughing. The master bathroom, the closeups of the TIRES, the buttons you “would use if the tv worked,” the captain’s chair, that screen, the carboarded Windows(totally agree..why waste money on tinting the Windows when cardboard works?!). All of it. 😂I just loved. What a fun adventure you guys are on!


  5. Caroline says:

    Lol freaking awesome! The high life of van life. Gotta say that high too makes all the difference! Sweet iPad setup, looks comfy. Also the parking spot doesn’t get much bette than that. 💘


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