Saying goodbye to van life.


Remember that scene on Mary Poppins after they visit Uncle Albert, and Mary Poppins announces it’s time to go? Then poor Uncle Albert, who has been laughing hysterically and having the time of his life, literally sinks down to the floor in despair, completely deflated thanks to reality’s blow? Continue reading

5 things we won’t miss about van life.


When it comes to van life, without a question, the good outweighs the bad. By a lot. But if I only displayed the perfect parts, I would be in the same category as all the other Instagram suckers with thousands of likes, followers and paid sponsors. Psh! Who wants an all-expenses-paid vacation to Indonesia just for posting a glam shot in a free $300 sundress?

So to counterbalance the last post of 7 Reasons I love living in a van, here are 5 less-than-ideal things about van life we won’t miss when it’s over. Continue reading

Rags and Riches: two American Dreams.


Recently an article floated its way around the internet claiming living in a van is the new American Dream. I couldn’t decide whether I agree or not. But I think I know now.

This is the story of two very different versions of the American Dream crossing paths in a matter of hours.

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Van Vignettes: Part 2

A few stories about our attempts to hide from people.


“Van Counseling”


Levi woke up one morning to the familiar sound of someone talking loudly on their phone as they passed by. He tried to fall back asleep, but realized the man on the phone planted himself on a park bench right outside, facing the van. He sat there for a long time discussing his health problems, ongoing divorce, and estrangement from his friends and family…all unaware there was a person in the van (note to self: always assume there’s a person in every van) laying in bed listening to his every word. Continue reading

Van Vignettes: Part 1

It’s been awhile since we’ve shared any homeless tales. Therefore I am going to publish a three-part series over the next few days for give you all a glimpse of life in the van.

Potty Parties


Van life really comes alive in the dead of night. The following is a common chain of late night events:

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