7 Reasons I love living in a van


There are many reasons we love living in a van and here are 7 of them.

7. Safety

“Wait whaa?” I know…But truly we feel quite safe in our sketchy van. We IMG_6370are undercover bad guys. And no one wants to screw with whoever’s inside. A van with blinds is like a home with bars on the windows– it’s meant for self-protection, and yet you can’t help but wonder if the actual danger is inside not out. 

Only one time did I see a guy sort of peeking in. That was freaky, but I think his heart was
pounding just as hard as mine.

Plus it’s already a getaway vehicle. If our van was the setting of a horror movie, we would just rev it up and bail. See ya bad guy! People in homes in horror movies, however, run (and trip) and hide in their closet. And then they get stabbed. If only they lived in a van.

6. Motivation

This one is tricky, but for the most part living in a van gives us a lot of motivation. At least to work out, play and relax. Simply because it’s get out or get baked. So off we go- to a cafe, the beach, the library, the gym. The van seems to say, “Get out there and play!”

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the van rarely seems to say, “Get out there and work.”

5. Decisions, Decisions

I hate decisions. The big, the little (the medium?). All of them.  I’m working on overcoming decision paralysis (also known as indecision), and the van has been a great therapist! I realize not everyone considers this an actual perk, but I do. My time is so efficient. I don’t waste brain power deciding what to wear because there are only 10 outfits to pick from. That’s it. And weather basically decides that for me. I can’t cook in the van so deciding what’s for dinner is just a matter of looking at a menu and saying “this one please!” Voila! This simplicity frees up my mind for more important decisions like- should I hold it till the restrooms open or just go in this cup?

4. All-in-one

The van is the transition glasses of vehicles. Brilliant, but because it looks so ridiculous, most people decide it’s not worth it. However the convenience really can’t be beat. I never have to run home to grab something. It’s all there. Need to change clothes? Bam. Need a nap? Bam. Need to get somewhere? Bam– just jump the battery and go.

3. Early to Bed. Early to Rise.


I’m a grandma. I love going to bed and waking up at hours that disgust people. But the van welcomes this lifestyle. The sun is down, and not long after so are we. Without tv or unlimited wifi sleep is the only activity left. Nothing tempts us to stay up a little longer. It’s so simple. Come morning the sun peaks out and the go-getters, seniors and van dwellers are up and at em. But because jogging and/or power walking at the crack of dawn is their lifestyle choice, and not mine, I lay in bed listening as they pass, silently offering my support. Go us!

2. Low-maintenance.

This is obvious, but worth noting. Clean up is:IMG_0185

1. Make the bed.

2. Put away clothes.

3. Place the solar lantern on the dash to charge.

And that’s it.

A deep clean is putting 50 cents in the vacuum machine and spraying Febreeze. Utilities= getting gas. No dishes. No hassle.

1. Magic.

While I love living on the beach, and not paying rent, and sampling the simple life, what I really love more than anything is the feeling we get each night at bedtime. I think it’s the same feeling camping and sleeping in a tent gives you. It’s hard to explain, but we crawl into bed with just the glow of the lantern and smile like fools every single night. Remember that feeling as a kid after building a blanket fort, or hiding in a little space perfect for you and your best friend and laughing together because you’re in this unusual space and no one knows it? It’s sneaky and it’s exciting. It never loses its magic. Bottom line, living in a van makes us feel like kids again.*

*And it’s cheaper than a hundred dollar, one-day Disney hopper pass. 






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