Woes from a morning bladder

“I’m uuuup…”

“No seriously, I’m up. Let’s go. Potty time.”

“…What do you mean there’s no potty.”

“WAIT? No. There is no waiting.”



-Morning bladder in the van


30 hours later

Well night two was less “woooo we’re young and reckless!” and more, “Can you please get out of the way?!”

Moving sucks. For anyone. There are random stupid objects that really don’t belong anywhere, and you’re tired, and you have to have little counsil meetings about every detail of every drawer every other minute. The good news is rather than moving our stuff from a moving van to a home, we just moved our stuff into a van that is our home.


First night in the van

The day we moved into the van, I read a graduation speech from Mitt Romney. I highly doubt he ever intended his motivational words to reinforce a desire to be homeless, living “in a van,” but they did. With that kind of reaction, imagine what he could have done as President.

“Your world is now breathtakingly large, almost without boundaries. With such vastness and with so many possible directions to take, some of you may understandably feel somewhat anxious and uncertain. You may even be tempted to look for a smaller, more comfortable world, one that’s less complex, and less demanding. That’s not who you are and that’s not what Saint Anselm has prepared you to do. To experience a fulfilling, purposeful life, one thing you’re going to have to do it this: live a large life.”- Gov. Mitt Romney