Stealing from a bum



Saturday morning, with no where else to go, I decided to finally take my road bike out for a long 15 mile ride. I was so proud of myself. I was doing it –embracing life, getting out, exercising, taking exercising selfies, the works…because the alternative was sitting in a hot van. Desperate times, desperate measures I guess.



I came back from work Monday night and the bike was gone. The lock cut off and the bike stolen. (Luckily they left the $50 cruiser I bought when my boyfriend dumped me back in college. I have weird attachments to that bike, and would’ve been sad to see it leave me like my boyfriend did).


Now look before you feel too bad for me, It was a Walmart bike. 

But still! It only seems to only make it worse really. Here is this crusty van in a tough neighborhood with a wannabe bike on the back and some chump thought to himself, “You know what, I deserve this Walmart bike more than that poor homeless bum living in a van.”

What’s wrong with the world?

Oh well. I guess it’s just the cost of living in a van down by the ghetto.

3 thoughts on “Stealing from a bum

  1. Dad says:

    Not to say “I told you so” but kinda. Before you moved into the van I told you if you put a bike on a rack someone will steal it. You said, “It is a Walmart bike. I said, “Does not matter.” I am disgusted by the guy who stole it. But at least it was an inexpensive lesson to reinforce you should listen to your Dad. Message sent. Lesson learned Grasshopper. But what does this episode say about the cruiser bike that the thief passed on stealing it ?


  2. HA! That stiiiiiiiiiiinks, people are such idiot jerks these days, I don’t get it. U-lock!!!! Seriously get one, we had 3 bikes stolen off our rack behind our house in a matter of 2 weeks, no one tries to take bikes with U-locks, they’re too hard to cut through!


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